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What is the best time to start saving money?

Saving money brings many advantages and everyone knows it! However, the habit of always saving is lacking. Often, this awareness only arises in the moment of tightening, when you are in debt and in times of emergency.

But is it only saving when necessary the best option? When is it time to be a person with the most organized finances and save your hard-earned money? To better target you, we help you set the beginning of your savings!

Do not wait until the end of the year

Do not wait until the end of the year

A lot of people spend all year with accounts in the network, believing that the 13th salary will be the resource for saving finances. Thus, you can greet the debts and still buy the Christmas presents. Once everything is well the promise of the economy can be put into practice. It’s not always what happens!

The problem is that accounts in red represent interest and more interest. So do not wait for the end of the year to adjust financial life. If you need to install a purchase, finance or take out a loan, make a simulation. And by adding this new spending to the budget, cut the spending you can expect to save a bit and use that amount to get paid off.

Waiting for the end of the year to save does not guarantee that you will be out of debt by then. Think about it!

Do not wait for a job promotion

Do not wait for a job promotion

Earning a higher salary does not save you money. Often, this increase also causes your accounts to grow, as more money is available.

Whoever wants to save first uses a spending spreadsheet, organizes expenses by category, checks each cost and defines cuts and reductions regardless of the value of the salary.

Make a scheduled savings

Make a scheduled savings

A good way to save money without feeling too much in your pocket is by opting for the scheduled savings service. So the stipulated amount will leave your checking account direct to the savings. That way you do not run the risk of ending up using the money you should save. It is also a way to have money reserved for any emergency situations.

If you can already apply for savings this month, then do not waste time. Consult your manager and enable this service at the bank. And it is you who defines the value and the date transfer.

Take the first step

Even if you can not count on the 13th or the holidays to save money, these can be good times to create your first reservation. That’s if you’re not in debt, of course. Also, which is rare to happen, you can receive extra money – for inheritance, prize, a bonus on the job – which can also be the start of your savings.

Easier than waiting for the heavier account times, is to become a financially organized person, taking note of home spent and using money consciously, for what is really important to you.