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Loan refused at the bank You can still go here!

It will only happen to you, loan refused at the bank. There you are with your nice plans for a loan that you had already expected, but what can you do to still get a loan if it has already been rejected in an earlier application. Depending on the amount you think you need, there are still opportunities that give you a chance to apply for a loan somewhere else. Read here how to do this and avoid the mistakes you made with a previous application. Make sure it works this time.

Why were you rejected?

A loan rejection can have several reasons. It is therefore also important that you inquire at the bank where your application has been denied what the reason is. If you do not know this, you cannot correct the error and you cannot make a new correct application. A reason may be that you have a BKR listing. In other words, you have delays for, for example, your mortgage, credit card, mail order company, other loan that has been reported to the bkr.

So if you have been rejected for a new loan and this has to do with a BKR registration, you must ask which registration is there. There are several quotes that can cause you to be reluctant to get you a new credit. Let’s take a look at these listings and see what you are still eligible for.Problems with bkr registration

Codes that are important

TO 1

You have a backlog of a few months somewhere, but you have made a payment arrangement. When this scheme is over and you are fully back in paying, this code changes to ‘H’ of restored. This message disappeared after 5 years. As there is still a backlog, it will be difficult to get a full loan (revolving credit, personal loan or mortgage).


This is usually a report that causes a lot of misery. The provider now claims the entire amount to be able to transfer it later to a collection agency.
Virtually impossible to successfully apply for a new loan.


This indicates that a remission has taken place for whatever reason, or the file is set aside. However, the collection can be started again at any time, provided that this is done within 5 years (prescription).
Depending on the reason for this listing, there may be an opening for a new loan.


With this code an attempt was made to contact you, but this did not work.
New loan impossible.


A5 is about your mortgage. A payment arrangement has been made. When this arrangement is over, the coding is immediately undone.
Waiting until the scheme is over to apply for a new credit. Then there is no problem.


The last coding you can come across is the H of restored. So good news, but this code will last for 5 years. You can therefore continue to suffer from that during that period. Depending on the lender, it is possible to request a new loan. You will be asked where the report comes from. You can now try to request a revolving credit or a personal loan. Whether this succeeds depends on the provider in question.


If you have a BKR listing that makes it impossible to take out a new loan, you might consider looking at a mini loan. You then borrow money without BKR review. However, these are relatively small amounts with a not too long duration. You can then borrow up to a maximum of 1500 euros. You can read here what a mini credit is, what the conditions are and how you can request it.

Salary too low

Another reason for a rejection may also be that your income is not high enough for the amount you want. You could solve this by applying for a lower amount or by having your partner sign with you. Then both incomes are added together and you automatically qualify for a higher amount.

Loan refused at the bank

Have you been refused at a bank? Take a look online for a new application. In general, the interest is also lower when you manage your money matters via the internet. Take a look at this loan application page to get an impression of the possibilities. You can also transfer any other expensive loans to a new loan with a lower interest rate than what you now pay. Re-lending existing loans and / or credit card debt can in any case be interesting due to the current low interest rates.