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How to Teach Your Kids to Organize Personal Finances

 In order to organize the budget and invest in a dream common to the whole family, such as getting into a new car or taking a vacation, the participation of the children is essential. The first step in motivating children to participate is to teach them the importance of saving. Even simple practices, like cutting […]

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How to Make Money at the End of the Month

  If your salary always ends before the month, know that you are not alone. About 25% of Brazilian families find it difficult to get to the end of the month with the bills up.  What is not worth it is to sit idly by the problem and hope that one day there will be […]

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Means of payment: everything about credit cards

A credit card is a means of payment that allows transactions to be made on credit and the amount of which is refunded later. It allows you to shop anywhere in the world, whether online or at a point of sale. The credit card works like a loan: you borrow money from the issuer of […]

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Loan refused at the bank You can still go here!

It will only happen to you, loan refused at the bank. There you are with your nice plans for a loan that you had already expected, but what can you do to still get a loan if it has already been rejected in an earlier application. Depending on the amount you think you need, there […]

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What is the best time to start saving money?

Saving money brings many advantages and everyone knows it! However, the habit of always saving is lacking. Often, this awareness only arises in the moment of tightening, when you are in debt and in times of emergency. But is it only saving when necessary the best option? When is it time to be a person […]